Edit in Datasheet allows overwritting calculated field formula.
I discovered some unexpected behavoir while editing an item in a list while in Datasheet view. I was able to overwrite a calculated field's value with a value I typed in. I was shocked that I was able to even mouse into that caculated field's column. When I changed the value for that field and tabbed off it, a message box appeared prompting me to preview the change and that the operation whould be timeconsuming. I clicked "ok' to continue and discovered that each column in the table had changed to the value I entered for each row in existence. If I go back into the list settings to see the formula for the calculated field, I notice that the formula has changed to equal the value I typed in Datasheet view. This can't be good. Here are some steps to reproduce. 1. create a list or document library 2. add/create a new column, select calculated field with some numberic formula eg = 3*4, be sure to select number as the return data type. 3. add a few new entries to the list or library. 4. select edit in datasheet. 5. attempt to edit the value of the calculated field with some numberic value. 6. you may be prompted for a username/password if the signed in user does not have security permissions. If so sign in with a username/password of an account with a username / password with adequate permissions 7. When the preview/warning message box appears, click continue. 8. Notice the calculated value was changed for each row and if you go back into list settings. You'll see the forumla has changed. Scary!!! Let me know if you have the same results and how you feel about this behavoir. thanks Dave
July 31st, 2007 10:25pm

Yes, it allows users to overwrite in datasheet view. But it screws up the formula for the rest of the records too, which is not desirable. Is there any other way to overwrite the value only for a specific record?I tried to update a specific record's calculated column value using SharePoint's web serivice method "updateListItems". It did not throw any error, but won't update the calculated column's value. May be it finds out that the column to be updated is a calculated field and ignores the update.Any input is greatly appreciated. - Thanks
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April 15th, 2010 11:43pm

I am also experiencing this issue - creating user entry form that breaks so very badly will not be good news with my users! I wil research on, but if you have any updates, please post!
April 6th, 2011 4:15pm

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