EMET Caused System Crash?
I attempted to open a link on msn.com 6/24/13 a little after 6:00 PM eastern time.  The page started to display and then poof a 'Blue Screen of death'.  There was a system dump at the blue screen.  I searched for this dump but apparently it wasn't saved to my computer.   My computer restarted in the normal mode.  Searched error reporting with NO entries for 6/24/13 available for viewing.  Subsequent attempts to view the link resulted in a corrupt web page with about 10 or so links upper left corner of the page.  The news story on the page was not available for viewing.  Was able to view the linked web page normally using Mozilla Firefox. 
Put my computer to sleep and came back later and woke it from sleep.  Then was able to click the above link and view the page normally with the article viewable.
I have never had a blue screen before and I've owned the computer since early 2011.
I am using I.E. 10.0.9200.16618 with EMET 4.0.4913.26122, McAfee Security Center for Dell Computers.  Windows 7- Ultimate - 64-BIT.  I have all Microsoft critical updates as well as any recommended updates.    I was operating my computer as a Regular user.  I was not using it as an Admin user.  I have not installed or updated any other software or applications to cause this issue.
June 25th, 2013 3:13am

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