ECMA 2.0 a good choice for calling Axapta?
I got a project where I'm supposed to let FIM talk to Axapta. Axapta will be providing user information which should be synced by FIM to an Active Directory instance. Now I was wondering what possible approaches there are. I myself see the following ones: Let Axapta do some sorts of exports to a SQL or Filebased datasource on a regular base (and read this source with FIM)Create an ECMA 2.0 MA which talks to the Axapta webservicesHave FIM 2010 use a view on the relevant table(s) of the Axapta database I think option 3 would be very bad practice. And option 1 would cause it to be an import only configuration. What about option 2. Would that be feasible? I haven't worked with the ECMA framework just yet Luckily I got Axapta dev'rs around, so that side should be covered. Anyone has achieved a similar setup? Other possibilities?
May 3rd, 2012 1:51am

Is Axapta Microsoft Dynamics AX? because when googling for Axapte this is what i found: I would explore option 2 some more, what webservices are provided and what requirements do you have for the information that has to be transferred?Need realtime FIM synchronization and advanced reporting? check out the new that supports FIM 2010, Omada Identity Manager, SQL, File, AD or Powershell real time synchronization!
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May 3rd, 2012 4:38am

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