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I have just received the following business requirements on a custom workflow for an WSS SharePoint site.  In general, the business is asking for us to create a Workflow template in sorts that can be used on any site and completely configurable.  My knowledge level at this point is just below an intermediate developers.  I want to say that this is not possible for a SharePoint workflow, but I just needed to see if anyone could send me in the right direction to start this.

The business requirements are as follows:

The workflow should allow multiple layers of approval, and should allow us to add the layer manually, so we can define the number of layers that we would like to add. If the workflow is used on a Task List, we would like the workflow to automtically send out notification based on the due date. The notification can be configured by us to send out reminder 2 days in advance or right on the due date.

We would like to make this workflow available for any sites under this collection should be able to use it.

We would like to be able to choose any fields available in the list or library, so there's no specific fields. Also, we would like to be able to add an individual user or group to the notified list, and we don't want the workflow to only notify a specific person or group.

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For multiple layers of approval requirement, please refer to:



For this workflow available for any sites under this collection requirement, I don’t think so. Since the workflow is based on some list. However, you copy them to each list which needs this workflow.

Please refer to the last video in above link and the following link:



For dynamic notified list, I think you can add one column for the notified list and use it in the workflow.


For more information, please refer to:




Hope it is helpful!

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April 28th, 2010 6:40am

Thank you very much.  I am in the process of reviewing this, but at first glance, it is very helpful.
April 28th, 2010 3:30pm

Hi Jeff,

I want to do same, but link you provided is not working.

Can we do the same with Visual Studio ?

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June 24th, 2015 12:52am

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