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I have created a document set content type with default content added from another SharePoint document library. This library is going to be used as a document template library. Users edit the documents in this library, which then should edit the document that the document set brings across when the user updates this document.

For example, Document Set "DocSet" adds default content "Template.docx" (which contains the word "Test") from a document library called "DocLib". The user updates "Template.docx" to contain the word "Test2". However, when the user creates a new "DocSet" it uses the default content "Template.docx" with the word "Test" rather than the updated version that contains "Test2".

Is there any way to add default content to a document set that will always point to the updated document in the document library?


May 21st, 2015 10:07am


Could you please explain how you add default content of this document set?

As I tested in my environment, I create a document library and add Document set content type. In this library settings, click Document set content type > Document Set settings > Default Content, I upload a template from local disk.

Then when I create a new document set, the template is created automatically in the set. If I open and edit this template, it will save the update in the current document set.

However, if I create a new Document set, the template is the original one without update.

If your default content is a document from DocLib, you may try to update the original Template in DocLib and test the issue again.


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May 23rd, 2015 4:12am

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