Different display layout for an Hebrew (BiDi) report in different renders
Hello, I'm building a report with BIDS for a 2008 report server (10.0.2531.0). The report is mainly in Hebrew. The dataset collation is Hebrew_100. The text boxes or other report elements properties are set for "he-il" language and RTL direction. The problem is that while displaying\viewing the report in different renders (HTML \ WORD \ PDF) the report get displayed differently. For example, I have a text box. the text box contains two fields from the dataset (without any manipulation over them). When I preview the report in BIDS native preview feature, the text displays in the wrong direction (reversed). When i then deploy the report and view it in HTML, the text box displays fine. When I export the report to PDF, the text is reversed again. I would like that the text display in the same way both in HTML and in PDF (or Word), of course, for the sake of the users. How should I treat this issue? Thank you in advance!! Ido
May 22nd, 2012 2:41am

Hi Ido, From your description, the direction properties of target textboxes are reversed both in Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) and an exported PDF file, however, they are rendered correctly in HTML format. I have tried to reproduce the issue in local environment; however, everything goes well except that numeric values are always displayed reversely when we set the direction property of the textbox. At this time, I suggest that you avoid the issue by using the expression in the direction property like below: =IIF(Globals!RenderFormat.Name=HTML, RTL, LTR) In this way, the textboxes directions in HTML viewer and other rendering formats will be the same. For more information, please see: Using Built-in Field References in Expressions If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. Regards, Mike Yin
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May 28th, 2012 9:55am

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