Deploying SCE agents to Clients hangs in "Intallation in progress"
Hi,We rebuilt a SCE 2007 Server from scratch again after wiping it clean and everything seemed to go well up until the point ot deploying the agents to Servers and other clients - I thought I would start with getting the Servers to be monitored and pushed the agent down - the Servers were all discovered, and the agents were pushed down and installed - but all the servers are still in the "Installaion in Progress" sections and do not disspear from the Pending managent screen into the Managent agents.the policy for SCE managed Computer Group Policy(SRV_MG) is there but when I run gpresult on a client I cannot see it bieng applied.I also checked the secrutiy group in AD and as far as Im aware this is supposed to populate with computers as soon as they agent is installed but nothing is bieng added - is this a permissions issue here and if it is what am I looking forhere are the errors that apper in the Operations manager Event Viewer on a client machine2011200572100121016Any ideas?regards
June 25th, 2009 4:31pm

I think I may need to remove duplicate SPN names but not sure how to check this I found another post and it says to run this commandldifde -f C:\*.txt -t 3268 -d dc=domain,dc=com -l serviceprincipalname -r (serviceprincipalname=*) -p subtreeIn the above command, replace DC=domain,DC=com with the DN of the domain (I dont understand this part) - so if my domain name was - would would I put here then
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June 25th, 2009 5:06pm

Never mind - this has now been solvedjust deleted the duplicate SPN following the helpful instruction in this post
June 25th, 2009 7:22pm

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