Denying view of certain newly created attributes
Hy. I extended my FIM schema with some new attributes, added those attributes in RCDC and that's fine. Administrator can create new users with those attributes and everything functions fine. Then, I would like to use management policy rule (simmilar as one defined by default: " Users can read selected attributes of other users") to deny view rights to those newly created attributes. Now, I actualy edited beforementioned default managament policy rule by removing all attributes except: display name, resource id and resource type. After that i try to log in as other user and i see DisplayName (as I should) but I also see those other newly created attributes. It is worth mentioning that I can not see the actual values of those attributes, just label and display name, and I would like to hide that also. So default attributes in FIM schema I managed to hide them normaly (by using management policy rule) but those new attributes I can't hide. Any recommendation what should I do ? Thank
October 4th, 2010 3:35pm

Hy. I solved my problem. Actually the problem was that when adding new attributes to portal UI using RCDC I forgot to add the following lines : my:RightsLevel = "{Binding Source = rights, Path:AttributeName}" After adding that line in RCDC in all new attributes, and modifiying Management Polcy rule everything works fine. Domagoj
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October 4th, 2010 4:12pm

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