Delta Sync complaining and asking for full sync
I'm running delta sync every 2 hours and every time it says: The management agent "CSV_MA" completed run profile "DS" with a delta import or delta synchronization step type. The rules configuration has changed since the last full synchronization. User Action To ensure the updated rules are applied to all objects, a run with step type of full synchronization should be completed. I'm aware that if you change rules and so a full sync might be required. However if I perform a full sync the message is not displayed the delta sync after, but the next sync it returns. Is there a way to see what rules are updated? what changes are pending?
November 26th, 2010 3:52am

Thomas - I've noticed something like this problem before and it turned out to be import (staging) errors in one or more of the connector spaces ... once I sorted these out the problem went away. However that's not to say it's the same scenario as you. Does the problem only occur on the CSV_MA? Does it occur if you always run full import/delta syncs, or only when you run a delta import? Perhaps if you're not getting staging errors there might be a configuration error with the CSV MA? What version of the FIM sync service are you running? Have you tried creating an audit drop file on the MA run profile? That's probably as good as you'll get in terms of a report on pending changes ... you can't really use the UI. You are right though - assuming you've only got declarative rules and no files are changing in the FIM Sync Extensions folder - then once you've run a full sync on EACH MA, then you should be able to run delta syncs from then on until the FIM MA synchronizes a change to one or more sync-rule objects in the metaverse ... at which time the version number of each MA is incremented by 1 resulting in the above warning.Bob Bradley, (FIMBob?)
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November 26th, 2010 7:20am

Today I got my hands on the environment again, so here is some additional feedback. I still got no clue. To be more precise: for now I run delta's on several MA's during the day, and once a night a run full profiles on all MA's. As for configuring "an audit drop file", if I'm correct I can only configure this for in import. On a D/F sync I cannot configure this option... If I run a FS on the CSV MA, I can run multiple DS withouth getting the warning that a FS is required. However once a FS is ran on the FIM MA, every DS run on the CSV MA complains it requires a FS to be consistent... After running the FS on the FIM MA it says 185 "connectors with updates", however there are no real changes that I see... I can see (especially with the discussion you got going on in the other thread: that the FS on the FIM MA updates all MV entries their attributes, however the rules themselves have not been changed by an admin! Or perhaps this is by design: FIM FS triggers an update of the attribute (only timestamp), which in turns lets the FIM engine think the rules have changed. I've heard there is something like a version number for a rule which gets raised every time a change is detected, however I don't see that in the MV search. As a workaround I would have to run a FS on my CSV MA after I run the FS on the FIM MA. Any thoughts on how to continue with this?
November 29th, 2010 3:41am

Thomas, I can only confirm that every time FIM MA does full sync the FIM sync engine complains that configuration has changed and full sync for other MAs is required. even there were no changes from FIM MA to sync rules and sync rules MVEntries have no updates. as a workaround I have to run FIM MA first in a full sync cycle.
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November 29th, 2010 4:06am

Well as my CSV MA is the authorative source I currently use that as the first one to do a Full Import and Full Sync. As this one introduces the updates to various objects, I have to run it first so the FIM sync runs pick it up afterwards. But as a possible workaround I'll add a Full Sync for the CSV MA to round up the task.
November 29th, 2010 3:46pm

I am resurrecting this old thread because I've found that the simple act of running a full sync on the FIM MA will always result in a subsequent attempt to run a delta sync on any other MA generating the Event ID 6127 warning "The management agent "<agent>" completed run profile "<profile>" with a delta import or delta synchronization step type. The rules configuration has changed since the last full synchronization", with the normal remedial action being "To ensure the updated rules are applied to all objects a run with step type of full synchronization should be completed". I have always thought that this warning would only ever be raised in the FIM world (as opposed to the old ILM/MIIS world) when a legitimate change is made to sync rules. However it seems clear to me now that in a FIM context this is no longer true. I can now confirm that if I run the following sequence of run profiles I will ALWAYS get this warning even when NO CHANGES are made to anything in the way of my sync rule config (i.e. no declarative rule changes, rules extension changes (i.e. no changes to any file in the extensions folder), or MA config changes of any kind: FS on the FIM MAFS on each every other MADS on ANY MA (to confirm that event 6127 is NOT raised)FS on the FIM MA (up until now I expected this step to have absolutely no knock-on effect, but it apparently DOES!!!)DS on ANY MA (to confirm that event 6127 IS raised) Can anyone confirm that this is also their experience? I have had this behavior reported in another FIM site, and it appears I have been on a "wild goose chase" trying to track down the cause ... when the only cause appears to be either a FS or a FIFS on the FIM MA. I have found one of Craig's blog posts on a way to suppress this warning, but until now I have always dismissed this idea as something that would only serve to mask a configuration or environment problem that should really be resolved. I am now not so sure ... because up until now at least I would never have expected an innocuous FS (where no pending changes result) on the FIM MA to have this outcome. It has been my practice to run a regular FIFS run profile on each MA, starting with the FIM MA, on say either a nightly or a weekly basis (whatever is practical), and if I continue to do this I expect I should never need to suppress the warning. However, if there was a need (for performance reasons) to avoid the unnecessary running of a FS on each of the other MAs when you know for certain that there has been no change, then I can see a case for using this mechanism now. Perhaps if someone from MS could respond to this please, and confirm this behavior or otherwise? Thanks. Bob Bradley (FIMBob @ ... now using Event Broker 3.0 @ for just-in-time delivery of FIM 2010 policy via the sync engine
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April 25th, 2012 9:02am

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