DeepFreeze, thawspaces, junctions and OSD
DeepFreeze is a severe pain, but in an educational environment with destructive users it's a necessary evil. To sum it up, neither thawspaces or junctions seem to take well to being captured. Making it very difficult to redirect certain folders to keep thawed. However, my main problem right now is re-enabling DeepFreeze at the end of OS deployment. It keeps losing it's trust relationship right after deployment. Freezing the computers the next day when I get back to work seems to work ok. Currently I am deploying Windows 7 and SCCM is mixed mode. Does anyone have experience about this they can share with me? So far I have the following in OSD task sequences. 1. Create small partition (D:) instead of a thawspace. 2. Install client to D:\CCM 3. Install Igloo and copy a preconfigured ServiceConfig.xml settings file to the program directory. (Redirects the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SMS, and CCM keys to D:) 4. Create junctions for antivirus to D:\ 5. Run command lines to activate Windows 7, Office 2010, (both KMS), run gpupdate /force /target:computer and then retart the computer. 6. Reboot DeepFreeze frozen command.
February 24th, 2012 6:19pm

I'm doing this with Sophos. However, I do noy use Igloo for folder redirection, only registry redirects. I'm using mjlink commands built into Windows 7. My script collection installs deepfreeze thawed (registry entry in runonceex first to check for frozen state and take appropriate action) and then creates the junctions needed to teh thawspace needed for the AV, and then installs Igloo. The igloo service is stopped and the preconfigured serviceConfig.XML file is copied, then the igloo.exe is run to kick start the service properly then its taskkilled. Works fine. The only reason I ended up here and saw your post is because sometimes the thawspace installs corrupted and I was looking into that.
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August 20th, 2012 7:34pm

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