Deadline Randomization and software updates


Over the weekend, I saw that once of our patch groups had a very low compliance rate. After digging deep, it looks like the low compliance rate is a recurring thing, with this weekend's compliance rate being the lowest. 

Anyways, while I was trying to find out the reason why this was the case, I saw that some of the machines in the collection targeted by that Software Update Group deployment were in Downloaded Updates state. So I looked at their scheduler.log. Interestingly I found that the patch installations were deferred to 2 hours after the deadline because of deadline randomization. So for example, our deadline was at 7 AM on Sunday morning and scheduler.log had an entry saying that '.... Machine/{<deployment ID>}' will fire at 8:50 AM with randomization.

What I dont understand is that we have deadline randomization disabled in our default client settings. So my question is that does this setting apply to Soft. Upda. or not?

Also just FYI, we have other client settings with higher priority than the default client settings, but we haven't defined the setting for deadline randomization in those settings, so I believe the default setting for Deadline Rand. will take effect, correct?


February 24th, 2014 3:13pm

That is correct, if you don't have selected "Computer Agent" in you custom policies, the Clients will use the Setting from he Default Policy.

Have you Set the Option "Disable Deadline randomization" to Yes, or no?

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February 24th, 2014 4:02pm

Thanks for the reply, Martin. The Disable Deadline Randomization option is set to YES in default client settings.
February 24th, 2014 4:26pm

So the default client setting will take precedence.
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February 25th, 2014 8:22am

So the Deadline Randomization will be disabled, if in any other Polciy this Setting is not set.
February 26th, 2014 3:40am

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