Customized Reports
Hi All, i need to customized below reports : Hardware inventory by collection to include Full Spec + Console Logged in User + count Software inventory by collection to include List of available applications + version + Service Pack + count Operating system by collection to include List of available OS + Service Pack + count Thanks, Kareem Behery
April 29th, 2012 4:44am

This is not really how the forums works. You can't order reports, services or other free hours of work. In the forums we love to assist you, but you also need to make an effort. If you have a need to create some custom reports I can recommend having a look at these 4 blog posts. They will get you started with the process of creating reports. To customize the reports, I suggest you copy the code from an existing report and use SQL Server Management Studio (as explained in the blog post above) and add the missing columns. I'm not trying to be impolite, but giving you the tools to learn is so much better than providing you with 4 reports. I hope you agree with that. Kent Agerlund | My blogs: and | Twitter: @Agerlund | Linkedin: Kent Agerlund
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April 29th, 2012 5:36am

I agree with Kent, you need to make an attempt at writing the report yourself before we will attempt to assist you. Having said that reports 1 dont even make sense. For Full spec., I assume that you want CPU, HD, etc, if this is the case then what does the count give you? Every line will be different and therefore the count is useless. Assuming that I understand your needs correctly, reports 2 & 3 already exist CM07. So what is wrong with the existing reports?
April 29th, 2012 11:43am

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