Custom activities for RC1
Anyone having a problem with workflow activities with RC1? I have a number of activies that worked with RC0, after re-compiling them (had to fix a few references) and adding them via AIC, they do not appear as available activities in the workflow Activity Picker list.Steve Mitchell Technical Director - Oxford Computer Group
October 2nd, 2009 3:29pm

SteveI'm running into a problem compling my RC0 activites in RC1. What refrences did you have end up changing. Where you using the Microsoft.identitymanagment.webui.controls in RC0 ? On RC1 it appears to be updated and located in the GAC but I get an error "Innaccessable due to its protection level". Did your get that error ? Looks like ProcessParameterPicker is deprecated. Strange this is I copied the DLL over from an RC0 box public ProcessParameterPicker ppcExpr; Any ideas ?
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October 2nd, 2009 6:55pm

Hi Steve and Kevin! I've been able to have a look at the RC1 bits today and it looks like the webase.dll have been renamed into Microsoft.IdentityManagement.WFExtensionInterfaces.dll and within that one you'll be able to find the ProcessParameterPicker but I haven't been able to look any closer at it yet since I'm still waiting for the VHD (yeah, I know I'm lazy). Edit: It looks like the Product Team don't want us to use the ProcessParameterPicker from custom activities anymore :-( FIM 2010 RC1 Breaking change, DesignerHostProvider :-( Kevin, you should not copy the dll from RC0 to RC1! Steve, there's a change regarding custom activities I found out from the release notes and I have no idea why this restriction is made: After adding a custom activity, user cannot add any of the FIM 2010 pre-built activities For this release, if you add a custom activity to a workflow, you will not be able to add a pre-existing workflow activity to that workflow. Maybe there's a possibility to add and pre-existing activities before adding a custom activity!? //Henrik Henrik Nilsson Blog: Company: Cortego (
October 4th, 2009 12:45pm

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