Creation of workflow - When a folder content type created in Docs Library -- Create a New task

Need a help with very simple work-flow. But somehow cannot create a correct condition (if).

Have a Document library. And having a specific Folder content type attached to this Document library. 

Need: when a new Folder content type created in Document library, a new task will be created with same name that was given to folder content type. 

When making a workflow, with the only configurations: create a new workflow when a new item is created and then inside workflow Create a new item in the list. (choosing tasks and then the field name or additional fields) - in this case workflow working correctly. But it creates task for any new Folder, or any new created or added document. 

And I need a task creation only when a new specific Folder content type is created. 

Tried to place: If value equal value - and inside it choose if value content tipe iD -- then my Folder content type ID --- not empty. 

But it is not working. 

Thank you in advance. 

May 28th, 2015 3:09am

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