Connected Data Source Extension or MA?
I have a few questions regarding a SOAP connector I'm in the process of developing. I have an array of "people" (retrieved from a web service on an ESB) that I would like to sync with FIM. "The hierachy consists of "organization", "organizationalUnit" and "person", and a nother step in the hierachy might also be added shortly. Each person has attributes such as; "cn", "dn", "displayName", "mail", etc. I tried creating an "Extensisble Connectivity MA", and saw that it accepts: AVP (Attribute value pair?) Delimited (CSV file?) DSML Fixed (Fixed width text file?) LDIF Which of the formats to you reccomend I use for my data? Are there any advantages to be gained by packaging the Data Source Extension as a MA, or might I just as well leave it as a DSE? My plan was to get a DSE working, and to turn it into a fully fledged MA afterwards. Does this sound like a wise approach? All help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Francis
November 11th, 2010 8:11am

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