Computer Association ignored on child primary site when capturing state
We are performing Windows 7 upgrades using a side-by-side state migration scenario from XP. This is the workflow our techs are following: 1) Import a new computer record (using the MAC address) and associate this to an existing XP PC. 2) Run a "Capture User State" Task sequence on the existing XP PC. 3) Run a "Windows 7 deployment" task sequence on the new PC. This works very well at our Primary site. However, we have a child primary site wherein after running the "capture user state" TS on a machine there, a second "in-place" state migration entry shows up with the old PC # as source and destination. The correct migration point is indicated, its just not assigning the user state to the preconfigured association. I've tried importing the new PCs on the child site, creating the associations on the child site etc, always with the same result. Both PCs are located at the child site. How can I do a side-by-side migration between two machines at a child secondary site?
November 28th, 2012 10:33pm

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