Client:Windows 7(64 bit), 32Bit IE,Server: SSRS 2005 SP2
With windows XP not a problem with Printing. With Windows 7, 32 bit IE getting the error 'Unable to Load Cleint print control.' 1)Client using 32bit Internet Explorer on Windows 764 bit. 2)Server: SSRS 2005. 2)registered RSClientprint.dll on Windows 7, system32 folder.
November 19th, 2011 1:44pm

Hi slyc, As we’ll know, the client print control is an Active X object. When we click on the print button, the HTML with a CLASSID will be sent to the browser. If the browser can find the Active X and a same CLASSID, it will print fine. Otherwise, it will probably throw the error “Unable to Load Client print control. To trouble shoot this issue: · Make sure that the rsclientprint.dll is not corrupt or the RSClient print is not blocked by Internet Explorer(IE) 1. Make sure ActiveX is enabled in IE a. Click "Tools" >> "Internet Options..." b. Go to "Security" tab. c. Select appropriate zone(for example, if Report Server site is added to Trusted sites zone, please select Trusted sites zone) d. Click "Custom Level" c. Make sure "Download signed ActiveX controls" is enabled or prompted. 2. Delete the temporary a. Click "Tools" >> "Internet Options..." b. In "General" tab, click "Setting..." in the "Browsing history" group c. Click "View objects" d. In the new Windows Explorer window, delete the all rsclientprint ojbects. · Make sure that the CLASSID on the client is the same as the server. You can get the CLASSID by the following steps. 1. Install the Window Resource Kits. We can download it from The tool oleview is in the resource kits. 2. Open the oleview, navigate to the ActiveX we want. 3. Right-click the ActiveX (such as RSClientPrint), and then click ‘Copy CLSID to Clipboard’. 4. If we want to use the ActiveX in a web page, we can click ‘Copy HTML<object> Tag to Clipboard’ More information about Client Print Fails to Load, please see: Thanks, Lola Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help.
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November 22nd, 2011 1:57am

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