Child location showing incorrect site code, clients not functioning.
We have several child sites from remote locations in our sccm site heirerchy. Our site code for ALL clients is "P02". Going back to the fundamentals of sccm, a secondary managment point is merely a proxy into the primary managment point, hence all site codes are the same no matter if it is the child or primary site. All of our child locations are showing "P02" both on the remote local workstations and on the remote management point, with the exception of ONE troubled child. Within Console I can goto this childs collection and all systems are showing no client installed as well as the site code S06 which is from from a previous built of SCCM,( we TOTALLY wiped and rebuilt the entire system, including this troubled managment point some time ago)! Rdping into a workstation on this child site shows the client installed, with the correct site code of P02, which it will autodiscover when initiated. However.......the actions tab is not populated nor does console show the client! I have uninstalled and reinstalled the managment point role with the correct settings and the site collection STILL pulls "S06" instead of the correct "P02". I have tried reassigning the site code within console but am getting the error, "cannnot ping collection (insert number here)", yet when i choose "ping collection" it happily responds! When we totally scrapped our last build, we formatted everything and started from scratch only re-using the database. When checking the client location log on a workstation at this child site I am getting " Current Management Point is (OLD MANAGMENT POINT with fqdn) with version 6487 and capabilities: <Capabilities SchemaVersion="1.0"> </Capabilities>." Does anyone have a clue where to start on this one? I'm really scratching my head here! Thank you in advance for the suggestions and guidance!
February 8th, 2012 4:01pm

Anything left in the System Management container that references the old site code? It's safe to delete everything in there the good info will come right back. John Marcum ||
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February 8th, 2012 4:08pm

Yes, our AD folks found references to the old server and site code in the System Managment container and are going to remove them for us, I appreciate the help and will let you know if this is a fix!
February 8th, 2012 4:54pm

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