Cannot add sidebar link to bookmark

Hello, I have created a series of bookmarks on my SharePoint team page. I can succesfully add a link to these bookmarks from the top of my page/webpart - e.g. using the the URL #archived to goto the archive section at he bottom of the page. So there is no issue inserting links to bookmarks at the top of the page.

However when I try and add a link to a bookmark from the navigation sidebar (e.g. click on 'edit links' button to a navigation link) - it will not add a link to the bokkmark/anchor. Indeed, after adding the link to the bookmark the link is changed by SharePoint e..g. #archived becomes /SitePages/Home.aspx - if I change this to /SitePages/Home.aspx#archived or http://projects/sitepages/home.aspx - it just reverts back to /SitePages/Home.aspx 

Any ideas on how I can add a sidebar navigation link to a bookmark on my SharePoint teamsite page?


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July 30th, 2015 10:37pm

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