Can nested IIf be created in custom workflow (in Designer)?

I need to explore building a custom workflow in Designer that will allow me to update a hidden field in the list.  Is it possible for me to recreate the nested IIf statement I have written below?  I'm not seeing how to do get an AND operator in the workflow designer, nor the nested concept.

TypeOfChange: IIf([status]="active",

IIf([program type]="p", "Primaries Approved",

IIf([program type]="o", "Options Approved",

IIf([program type]="R" Or [award]="AAS-T", "AAS-T Programs Registered",

IIf([apprentice]="a", "Apprenticeships Registered",

IIf([contract]="c", "Contracts Approved",

IIf([College Report Categories]![title]="collaborations", "Collaborations Registered",

IIf([Indiv Program Students] is Not Null, Individualized Programs,

IIf([program type]="st","ST Programs Registered")))))))),

IIf([status]="Title changed", "Titles Changed",


IIf([program type]="p", "Primaries Deleted",

IIf([program type]="o", "Options Deleted",

IIf([program type]="st", "ST Deleted"))),


IIf([program type]="p", "Inactive Primaries",

IIf([program type]="o", "Inactive Options")), 

IIf([status]="Reinstated", "Reinstated Programs",

IIf([status]="Pending", "Pending Requests",

IIf([status]="NoI Review", "NoI Review Period",

IIf([status]="Modified", "Curriculum Modifications",""))))))))

January 23rd, 2014 12:25pm

Yes, you can use Ifs inside of Ifs. It'll look really messy, but you can accomplish the above.

Edit: To clarify, when you put an If, and then an If inside of that, it operates as an AND.


If x equals y

If y equals z

That is the same as x equals y AND y equals z.

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January 23rd, 2014 12:37pm

Hi run4it,

When add multiple compare conditions in workflow condition, it will show the operator AND, then you can try disigning the logic of if else branch sentenses as Andy suggested.

Daniel Yang
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January 24th, 2014 3:48am

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