Can I use one config file in 2 packages
Hi, I am having one config file which I am already using in one of my package and now I have created another package where I want to use only one variable out of 10 from config file but when I reused that on another package it throwed out an error as I have created only one variable out of 10 so I am getting error for remaining. Can we do some setting which allows us to use only one variable.
July 18th, 2012 10:23am

either you use separate config file for each package OR store same information for both the packages in the same config file(if you want to use one file), not like 5 information from one package and another 3 from the second package. dtexec.exe reads the config file before executing the package flow and in your case, it tries to validate all the information from the config file with both the packages. regards joon
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July 18th, 2012 11:28am

Hi sqlserver2008, There is no standard rule of creating number of configurations of parent and child SSIS packages. it totally depends on your solution/scenario. But "yes", there are always some best practices to achieve this. 1. Master package will have 2 types of configurations. First is XML file configuration which only points out the SQL Server Database and Server names where all other configurations are stored. And second is SQL Server configuration. 2. Master SSIS package will connect to XML file to read which Server + Database has SSIS variable's configurations. And using those Server + Database value, it will create a ConnectionString and connect to that Server + database to read all the required variable values. So basically XML file does not have any configurations except Server and Database name where the actual configuration is stored. 3. Master SSIS package will call child packages and child packages will inherit the (global) variable values from Master package using "Parent Package Configuration" wizard. 4. Yes, if your Child SSIS package requires some special configuration to read then we can design just like Master SSIS pacakge. So, make only 1 call to read/get all your COMMON configurations for all packages in one single (Master SSIS Package) package. and you can have multiple configurations in child packages as required. I am sorry for this complicated explanation. You can take a look at my guided article on how to implement configurations in SSIS packages with Sceenshots here: Thanks, Khilit
July 18th, 2012 11:42am

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