Can I set more than 1 language simultaneously in the 'Language for non-Unicode programs' (a.k.a 'System Locale')?


I'm using a rather old application for my business on Windows 8.1.

That app, to my best knowledge, does not support uUnicode.

The thing is, I already know how to change/add Language for non-Unicode programs so that I would have support for that specific language I use.

Its just that I need support for more than 1 language for non-Unicode programs simultaneously because I'm working with various file names in which I'm dragging to that app's interface.

For example:

If I want to drag 4 files to the app's interface: 2 in regular English, 1 is in Hebrew and the other is in Spanish. I can choose either Spanish or Hebrew in the 'Language for non-Unicode programs' (a.k.a 'System Locale'). I can't make that app to work with all 4 files. I would have to choose which is terrible.

Could anyone help me find a fix/hack/tweak for this?? It would mean the world to me.

Thanks ahead!


May 20th, 2015 6:44am


Until now, based on my test, there is no method to enable more than one language for non-Unicode.

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May 21st, 2015 3:47am

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