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Hello again,I am trying to figure out how to get the calendar to go to a read item menu when selected instead of an edit item prompt. I thought that It would be imported along with the views from when i moved my template over from one site to the current one. But now when I click a calendar item it goes directly to edit. To explain what its doing easier the breadcrumbs go site > calendar > Item > edit automatically instead of going site > calendar > Item like it does on the other site.I thought that something in the view or the web part would be what controlled that but it doesnt seem to be the case as I have checked to make sure that they are both the same. I have designer access on both sites and so does another coworker that tested it and is getting the same thing.
February 23rd, 2010 10:30pm

Hi, I understand you that when clicking the “Title” column in Calendar, it will redirect to the EditForm.aspx page not the DispForm.aspx page. I can reproduce your issue using the following steps: open EditForm.aspx in Calendar list using SPD> in File >Save as EditForm2.aspx. This will break the Support file links, as now when you click to view an item on calendar.aspx, instead of taking to DispForm.aspx it routes incorrectly to EditForm2.aspx. The resolution is to delete the EditForm2.aspx; this seemed to cause SharePoint to reset the supporting file links to be proper again. This blog has steps about how to prevent supporting files from being incorrectly set to erroneous page: Let me know if I misunderstand you.Xue-Mei Chang
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February 26th, 2010 9:21am

Thanks for the help,That did not work though. When i saved as EditForm2.aspx it defaulted to using editform2, and when I deleted it it would default the edit function to NewForm.aspx instead of DispForm.aspx. When I tried to replace EditForm.aspx from the backup it would refuse to even allow the list to reset that as what to do when an item is clicked or told to edit. It would just generate the default unexpected error web page. The blog didn't work either something with my server permissions is not even allowing me to use the custom list form. All things are greyed out other then the Data View option. Is there not just a file that sharepoint looks to in the calendar that directs it to the forms when clicked? Like onleftclick(DispForm.aspx) that got set to onleftclick(EditForm.aspx) that could be changed back? Also another thing that I noticed. It only does this with the calendar view, If I use any of the other view that the template has in it it works normally, And if I make a blank calendar inside of the destination site that will properly click and send me to display instead of edit. so the issue seems to be contained to using a template calendar in calendar view.
March 1st, 2010 5:14pm

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