Calculation of average sales
Hi everybody, I am currently developing reports with Report Builder 2.0 and got stuck with the following: In order to calculate an average sales amount, I did the following: Dataset 1: Year Sales Product A 100 Sales Product B 150 … … Total sales 1000 The products are selected by filters. Dataset 2: Year Amount of Invoices Product A 3 Amount of Invoices Product B 8 … … Total amount of invoices 40 As above, the products are selected by filters. Do you have any ideas how I can calculate the average sales per invoice for each product group? Thanks in advance! Andreas
October 14th, 2010 4:36pm

Hi - unfortuantely in Report Builder 2.0 and SQL 2008, it is not possible to join the data between two indpendant data sets in a report. You would need to join/correlate the data in the underlying queries and expose a single data set to the report. In 2008 R2 a LookUp() feature was added which can relate data between tables in the same way Excel's LookUp() function works. -JonHPMicrosoft SQL Server Reporting Services
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October 16th, 2010 2:07am

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