CPU Spike and SCCM SP2 Upgrade.
There is an intermittent spike with SQL service on the CPU every 2seconds. 2 Seconds 100%, then back down for 2 seconds. I upgraded toSP2 yesterday. I am running on a DL380, was running like a champ before SP2.Server 2003 x64. SQL Server 2008 Additionally I get this failure: Faulting application CcmExec.exe, version 4.0.6487.2000, faultingmodule CcmExec.exe, version 4.0.6487.2000, fault address0x00077731. As well as:The application, C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\CCM\CcmExec.exe, generated anapplication error The error occurred on 10/23/2009 @ 08:18:41.617 Theexception generated was c0000005 at address 00477731 (CcmExec) The app appears to be running, with the spikes and failsperiodically.
October 23rd, 2009 4:45pm

I am having the same symptoms after installing SCCM SP2 too - 2 different SCCM SP2 environments but both corrupted fromapplying SCCMSP2:env1/. Server 2003 SP2 x86, SCCM SP1 R2 (to SP2), local SQL 2005 dbenv2/. Server 2008SP2 x64, SCCM SP1 R2 (to SP2), remote SQL 2008 dbNo software inventories anymore either, plus alll existing database v_GS_INSTALLED_SOFTWARE info completely gone (I think this relates to inventories corrupting or the MP not accepting the inventories sent)...New DCOM errors tooAs per http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/configmgrsetup/thread/ce4dcc4e-cfa8-4128-9f2f-595bd4053865I also see critical status for the SMS_MPCONTROL_MANAGER component. Reviewing the messages for that component reveals errors stating "MP Control Manager detected management point is not resonding to HTTP requests. The HTTP status code and text is 500, Internal Server Error".Any help much appreciated - wasted 2 days/nights on this already :(
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November 4th, 2009 4:21am

Hi SurendarI followed advice from other threads and deleted/recreated the MP (for both environments) which resolved the MP issues and the status's so far (6 hours now) are all green :) And no more crashing of CcmExec.exe!However...the only thing that still doesn't work is the Software Inventory - as in, all the logs I have been through look OK (I can post them up but can you please confirm the exact logfile names as I have been through so many I lose track which ones are specific to Software Inventory as far as writing to the database goes).I just built a new server including management appz (Forefront, SCOM R2,WUpdate etc), installed the latest client (via the Client folder source on the Site Server), ran all the inventories but again, only the hardware inv has come through. In Resource Explorer only hardware shows, and no dates or anything under software.When I query the database directly, there is only one or two products showing underv_GS_INSTALLED_SOFTWARE(where pre-SP2 there were alot of products in there) however those few products are returned from clients that are currently offline - all live client software has disappeared from this table as though the most recent (delta?) has corrupted the data and therefore no information was retained.A couple of other things to note that I have changed (re other threads)... 1/.DCOM\COM Security\Launch and Activation Permissions no longer included "SMS Admins" therefore I added them back in (Local Launch/Remote Activation)and this stopped all the DCOM errors that I kept getting after each reboot. (this is how our Prod SP1 is configured too)2/. I have manually upgraded the SCCM Client on the Site Servers for each environment as one of them still was 4.00.6221.1000 even though the SP2 upgrade said it was successful for both environments?3/. My pre-SP2 customisations tosmsdef.mof and configuration.mof disappeared therefore I redid these tonight and all that hardware info has started coming back (e.g NIC drivers, more DNS info). These files were renamed to .backup at the time of the upgrade, then all customisations gone4/. As per the readme, my WSUS SP2 Products and Classifications were all set backto defaults, therefore I changed back to what we had before SP2.Thanks for any help :) I am due to upgrade Prod on Friday however I think at this stage I will reschedule!Steve
November 4th, 2009 2:32pm

Hi Kiwifulla,For Software inventory MP_Sinv on your MP server which will show you the flow from clients and its status. please post it to see whats happening.1. DCOM permission that you added is fine, however it is not reflect anything for your software inventory issue.2. After manually upgrading client to SP2, is this client sending software inventory?3. After upgrade its require 1 hour to complete Component Manager backing stage, during this time if you copy your custom mof files it will not success. however to confirm monitor dataldr.log for mof compile success (0x0).4.After upgrade Products and Classifications will be set to default it is by design.Please post MP_Sinv.log this can be found at SMS_CCM or CCM\Logs folder.Surendar Reddy
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November 4th, 2009 3:54pm

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