Bare Metal Restore UNC connection link is displaying blank instead of backup retore image


I have been working for several days with an issue where I am restoring a DPM image on a network drive from a Win 2012 R2 server and I'm not getting the link connection to the backup shared displayed. I booted up the server with a Win 2K12 R2 disk. Then, I used start /w wpeinit to get network connectivity to the nics. I get automatic IP addresses and I am able to ping the destination image server; however, when I use the GUI connection to the UNC link I don't get the name of the image file after specifying the complete path. If I press Shift-F10 I can see my UNC connections but I need to get the connection via the GUI where the backup files are located. I see NO files or connection displayed. I also installed the latest network drivers onto the server. Can someone provide some help or assistance to this issue. I wonder if anybody has come across with the same issue?

Much appreciated


May 20th, 2015 6:21pm

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