Backup all MOM2005 mp's
Hi, I'm currently working on a transition from MOM2005 to SCOM2007R2 and am in the process of moving all the rule groups to management packs in SCOM 2007. I'm looking for a way to export all the MOM2005 management packs all at once, convert them to XML (by using MP2xml) and the using MPconvert tool to get them in SCOM2007. I can then load the mp's into my test environment and start tweaking some more. The last 2 options are automated but I can't seem to find a script to backup all the MOM2005 mp's all at once. Sure I can do it one by one using however there are 50+ management pack so this will become very time consuming. I've already found some threads and links to scripts but unfortunately they are all dead. So if anyone has a script that will backup all MOM2005 mp's to disk I would be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance for all pointers.It's doing common things uncommonly well that brings succes.
July 8th, 2011 12:49pm

Hi Dieter My thoughts on this (and others may well disagree) is not to bother. It will take you longer and ultimately be a poorer management pack if you try to convert and tweak rather than biting the bullet and re-doing them all from scratch. I know this is a horrible answer. And I understand that it might not be "possible" either politically or from a budgetary point of view. But ultimately, you will have to redo the whole Management Pack so I would suggest doing it now rather than spending time trying to fit a very large round shape into a very small square: Good Luck Cheers GrahamView OpsMgr tips and tricks at
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July 8th, 2011 12:56pm

i totally agree with graham. Don't use the converting tool, this is a tool that gives more issues than it will solve. Of the 50 mp's you have, i'm pretty sure there are native scom mp's available as well. Use those for testing and tweaking. The few custom made mp that are left could than be still converted, but i still rather rethink what i want to monitor and then recreate it in the new scom environment.Rob Korving
July 8th, 2011 1:29pm

Save yourself a world of woe, and stop. This particular path to migration is a proven dead end. The converted management packs are not recommended, and the converter tool is no longer supported. The better approach is to start clean with a new SCOM management group, and then taking an inventory of the kinds of monitoring you used to have in MOM 2005. For instance, was there SQL server monitoring, AD monitoring, base OS monitoring, etc. Also identify and do a deeper inventory if you have custom in-house applicaiton management, for these will need to be handled differently later. Once you have the core infra list, start with one of the packs, and download the new OM pack for that technology from the System Center Marketplace ( You can easily search for any pack you like there, or you can browse through the packs using the links provided for microsoft packs. As you download the new packs - which are far better than the old MOM equivalents - also download the MP guide document for each one and by all means, read the guides before you ever start importing a pack. When ready to import the pack, make a backup copy of the MSI you used (this makes the keeping all of the related files together simple) into a on premise archive that you will use if you ever want to rebuild the environment to a given point in time. In other words, you need to keep your own archive of your packs in OM, as this is not a feature of the product. Now, you are ready to start the process of tuning a pack. You have two paths - one the hard way, and one the cheap and easy way. The latter involves purchasing a pack tuning product like Silect MP studio. This product creates the archive of your packs, and a change history for being able to add change control to your environment. It also includes offline tuning capabilities that are excellent - and the result is a set of tuning packs that you would import along with the original files that come out of the MSI that you downloaded. Note - as you download each MSI, if you run it, it will simply unzip the files to a central location on the machine you ran the MSI on. Running the MSI does not install the pack. You need to take the tuning pack you create (however you create it) and import it along with the original files that came out of the MSI setup program. There are other solutions that simplify the tuning experience - for instance, the MPtuner from is interesting, but instead of offline tuning with data from your environment, that one lets you see what overrides you have made. You would still need to make the overrides manually using the OM console. Do this for each of the core packs you would need to get to parity, and then inventory the gap. If you then still feel you need net new rules/monitors, you can create them manually in the console (authoring space) using the wizards provided. This is a far simpler, faster, cheaper and controlled way to move from MOM to OM. The conversion path is a train-wreck, and you will regret going that route if you do. Hope this helps Dan Rogers Microsoft Corporation
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July 8th, 2011 8:34pm

Hi Dieter I'll mark this as answered for the moment as the answer as we have all said is to basically start again with the Management Packs. Dan gives some great advice in his post (and also on the last link of my initial post) on a migration which hopefully is of use. If you have any further questions then please feel free to reopen the thread and we'll continue to assist. Good Luck GrahamView OpsMgr tips and tricks at
July 11th, 2011 2:46pm

Thanks for all your replies... So it's back to the drawing board. All the 50mp's I discussed are "basic" event detection rules so nothing fancy so I was thinking to convert them. Inventory has been made so I'll continue to move the standard mp's and go from there.It's doing common things uncommonly well that brings succes.
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July 12th, 2011 10:33am

Smart move Dieter, I was also facing a daunting task in a previous assignment to convert 100+ rule groups to SCOM 2007R2 but finally realized that a detailed inventory, runnning it by App owners and then demonstrating the checks in a Dev/QA environment is much better than MP CONVERT tool. Plus, we only wanted Service Unavailable checks to be migrated so that helped alot. Good luck with the migration. Kapil DhamKapil Dham
November 17th, 2011 10:02am

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