BDD 2007 -- ZTI -- OSD error "The Operating System Installation Failed Unspecified Error (80004005)

Hi there

Wonder if anyone can advise me on a BDD 2007 OS deployment issue? (Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, I couldn't see a forum for BDD 2007.)

First of all, this BDD 2007 server and the OSD config was not done by me. For info, it is part of a SMS 2003 infrastructure.

I am trying to get the XP Pro build process working. I am led to believe the config has been completed.

Unfortunately, after booting the pc from the nic, I get an error. This is the order:

- the 'Initializing Windows PE' splash appears for perhaps 15 seconds

- very briefly, the text changes to 'Initializing Network'

- for a second or two only 'Initializing Windows PE' appears again

- then this error message appears:

"SMS Operating System Deployment - The Operating System Installation failed. Please contact your system administrator for assistance. Unspecified Error (80004005)"

I've spent some time looking into this error (80004005) and from what I can gather it possibly means 'access denied'.

I'm assuming after Windows PE loads the first Task Sequence begins, and if this possibly is where the issue lies?

One thing I cannot understand - the first Task Sequence (Initialization) has this command line (as do most, with different .wsf file):

cscript.exe "%SCRIPTROOT%\ZTIGather.wsf" /localonly

However, I cannot access %SCRIPTROOT% at all, Windows says it can't find it. I can run other variables such as %USERPROFILE%, %SYSTEMROOT%, etc, but cannot open %SCRIPTROOT%.

Is it simply the case that I should create a new system variable (that has not been created by whoever built the server)?


John Henry


September 8th, 2010 2:34pm

Im cleaning up old posts, did you figure this out yet? IF so what was the solution?

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December 22nd, 2014 6:36am

Since no one has answer this post, I recommend opening  a support case with CSS as they can work with you to solve this problem.

January 24th, 2015 8:00pm

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