Audit & logging feature in FIM 2010
Hi All, I am very new to FIM IdM product. How to enable user's audit feature (all transactions) in FIM 2010. Comparing other IdM products they have such feature like attestesion / audit details. Would highly appreciate if anyone already explore this feature in FIM 2010. Thanks in advance!
October 2nd, 2010 1:30am

FIM 2010 doesn't really have a built-in reporting feature but since everything in the portal is a request, you can search through requests and filter for what you are looking for. I know that some 3rd party compaies, including Omada,, have a solution available for reporting and auditing.
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October 2nd, 2010 5:09am

Hi! Loging and auditing can be done by pulling request resources from FIM and store them in a separate database since they by default are stored for only 30 days. There's numerous ways to do this including the Powershell cmdlets that comes OOB with FIM (or use the ones from Quest at Codeplex ). Another way could be using a custom workflow activity that is triggered upon completion of a request and that stores the information in a separate DB. When you have a DB with the requests you could easily create a reporting solution on top of it using for example SQL Server Reporting Services and if you like an even more advanced solution you could create an OLAP cube from the data using SQL Server Analysis Services and use Excel or some other tool for reporting. There has been a presentation on how Logging and Auditing can be made by Gil Kirkpatrick and Jeremy Palenchar at the TEC Conference and maybe you'll be able to download the presentation at this location: . Also Gil have made a blog post about it: . //HenrikHenrik Nilsson, ILM/FIM MVP Blog: Company: Cortego (
October 4th, 2010 8:16am

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