Audience Targeting Fails to Work in a calendar list item
Hi All,I have a Calendar based on the Events lists. I have audience targeting enabled and I create different events for different audiences.On the public view of the calendar, all logged on users are able to see all events but I do not want this.How do I make people see just the events targeted to them.Thanks.
February 11th, 2010 1:20pm

Hi, What version of SharePoint you’re running at? How did you configure audience targeting to the events? Firstly, please ensure that you correctly target content to audiences based on the instructions in this reference.Target content to specific audiences Are you targeting the events to AD group users?If so, it is by design that SharePoint will not get AD groups for audience feature to work as this will cause performance issue.If it is the case, please directly add the user to SharePoint group or create Audience by going to SSP admin site --> Audiences and add a rule to get the users only from a particular AD group. For details, please refer to:Configure targeted content Let me know if I misunderstand you. Best Regards. Lily Wu
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February 17th, 2010 4:53am

Thanks Lily, I have ensured all these are in place and yet it did not go. We have even contacted Microsoft Support and they told us that it will not work that way. Do any one has a customised code or another third party that can be recommended please? Thanks.
May 7th, 2010 12:17pm

I think this issue can be resole as below and I think this issue as to do with MOSS 2007 and hope it has been fixed in SharePoint 2010 Enjoy!!! "This issue can be resolved by using both MOSS 2007 Audience Targeting feature and Virto Web Part Calendar for SharePoint. Step 1 > Go to SharePoint Site. Follow the link “Audience targeting settings”. Create Several Audiences, e.g: 1. Sales Department 2. Marketing Department 3. R&D Department 4. General Management and HR Define members for mentioned Audiences. Step 2> Create new List which should contain information about Vacations and name it ‘Sales Department Vacation List’. Define which Audience should be able to view List information, e.g. it ‘Sales Department Vacation List’ can be viewed by Sales Department and General Management and HR. “Modify audience targeting settings” page will be displayed. Check the box “Enable audience targeting” and click “OK”. Create as many lists as you need for each Department. Step 3> Go to the Virto Calendar Web Part page and use “Modify Shared Web Part” button and roll down to “Data Source Settings” block. Create new Data Source. Select List from the Current Site Collection (‘Sales Department Vacation List’). Now the checkbox “Allow Audience Targeting” will be enabled. If you check this box you can apply the audience targeting settings of your SharePoint site to Virto Calendar. If you view the calendar item information you will see the applied audience settings. All members of Sales Department and General Management and HR Audiences are able to view, create and modify Items of Sales Department Holiday List. Users who do not belong to this audience will not see the Items from this data source on their calendar page. Read more: "
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May 7th, 2010 6:27pm

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