Applocker does not work


Requesting urgent help-

I have tried many things but i have simply not been able to get Applocker deny rule to work on my local Windows 7 Professional machine.

Policy type - Path rule

Action - Deny

Tried - %SYSTEM32%\notepad.exe , notepad++'s installation path, office, etc. Tried folder and file path rule. Simply not working.

1) Application identity service auto start? - CHECK

2) Appid.sys running? - CHECK

3) Enforcement mode ON? - CHECK

4) GPUPDATE /FORCE, restart and wait for ~10 minutes? - CHECK

5) OS supported? - CHECK

6) Remove built in administrator rule removal? - CHECK

7) Remove all default Allow rules? - CHECK

8) Policy shows up in the registry? - CHECK (HKLM\software\...SRPV2\exe\)

Please help me get this work as it is very important to test if we can do a larger deployment.


May 15th, 2015 4:21pm

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