Announcement does not expire automagically ?
i am newbie and have been playing with our new sharepoint site internally however i have question regarding announcement not expiring automagically.I created an announcemnet on 2/17 and set it to expire on 2/19 however till date the announcement is still available on our site.any clues ?Note: i tried searching the forum for "announcement expire" as search term and found 0 threads
February 26th, 2008 12:47am

You'll need to make sure the web part view filters on the Expires column. Modify your web part properties Click "Edit the current view" Scroll down to the Filter section The filter should be set to show only items where "Expires is equal to blank" OR "Expires is greater than or equal to [Today]"
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February 26th, 2008 1:37am

Hi, Announcement expiration is based on Expiration field and is controlled by views to showonly the valid announcements. Views are nothing but set of properties you specify, such as how it should look visually, its filter, its sorting by default ans so on. When you say your annoucement is still available in your site, you mean at which level. At list view (such as /Lists/MyAnnoucement/AllItems.aspx or at homepage? 1. If its is list level, do this to verify: Go to the list and click on 'All Items' and then on 'Modify this view'. Scroll till "Filter option" and When Column = select 'Expires' Second option = select "Is Equal to" Third option (text box) = leave empty. Repeat this for second filter as When Column = select "Expires" Select Is greater than or equal to In third option (text box) type [Today] Save the view and things should do fine. 2. If this is at homepage, do the step 1 and edit your homepage. Modify your announcement webpart and select the view you created or modified above (by default its all items). publish the page. That it and hope this helps. Remember that even a expired annoucement can be found using search. (Look that whether this fits your need). If not set an expiration policy or delete the announcement at the end of life time.
February 26th, 2008 1:48am

Thank you. Yours has been an old post but it was helpful to me.
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May 26th, 2011 11:28am

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