After PXE-Boot only Background is displayed

After recording the wim-file I have trouble with the installation after pxe-boot. I used for the masterimage the same boot.wim and it worked before. Now when the boot.wim is loaded I get only a blank screen with the background. In the sms.log the last rows are following:

<![LOG[Can not find DeploymentType in file TsmBootstrap.ini or the file doesn't exist. This is not running on Windows To Go.]LOG]!><time="15:06:46.534-120" date="05-28-2015" component="TSPxe" context="" type="1" thread="1496" file="utils.cpp:1897">
<![LOG[    Setting SMBIOS GUID = 31353337-3135-5A43-4A34-343430304B3.]LOG]!><time="15:06:46.769-120" date="05-28-2015" component="TSPxe" context="" type="0" thread="1496" file="tspolicy.cpp:622">

I rebooted the Server. There is no difference between the Record Tasksequence and the new one.. bot use the same boot.wim. Ping is working and the HDD is detected.


After Adding the Server again to the Masterimage Recording Collection it has the same problem - and worked before.

Thank you!

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May 28th, 2015 9:24am

If I am understanding correctly, you created a new boot image.  When you use that boot image, the task sequence does not initialize.

What process did you use to create the boot image?


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May 28th, 2015 9:58am

Ive created a boot image and a task sequence to create a wim file (record of 2012r2 Server). After the successful created wim file I created another task sequence with the same boot image and started a pxe boot (complete install with drivers & software). After this nothing happens and the log tells me nothing


Could this be a GUID Problem?

Unknown machine GUIDs: 682a8cc6-1630-4967-a13d-d7c164b5b7f4 0be92795-edf9-4e60-a441-501498227bca

Setting SMBIOS GUID = 3135267-3135-5A43-4A34-343430304A33.

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May 28th, 2015 10:00am

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