Active Directory users are not shown in People Picker
Hi, I am using WSS 3.0, People Picker shows AD users who are already added to the site collection. It is not showing other AD users in people picker search by default. But when I provide exact "domainname\userid" in the people picker then it resolves the user name. And Also People picker is not searching AD users based on Last Name or First Name, it only shows the AD users who are all already added to the site collection. What could be the problem? Is there is any settings has to be configured? Thanks in Advance-Ram
July 10th, 2009 3:15pm

Hi Ram, It could be a result of specifying a filter on your people picker or resstricting your prople picker to a specific OU in the AD. Try the following command and see if your people picker is resttricted to something STSADM.EXE -o getsiteuseraccountdirectorypath -url "http://yourapplicationurl" if it returns a value you will be able to see if this restricting to a particular OU or a specific set of users. if this is the case then you can run the following commadn to get all the AD users. STSADM.EXE -o setsiteuseraccountdirectorypath -url "http://youapplicationurl" -path "DC=YOURDOMAIN,DC=DOMAIN,DC=COM" for the value fo -path will be "DC=MSDN, DC=MICROSOFT, DC=COM" hope the above will help.
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July 10th, 2009 5:20pm

Have you recently updated your farm to SP2 or April CU If you search for a newly created AD account you should be getting error "No exact match was found" If yes then its a know issue and then you have to follow the below technet article Peoplepicker-searchadforests: Stsadm property (Office SharePoint Server) MCP & MCTS [WSS 3.0/MOSS]
July 10th, 2009 9:58pm

I found my answer! I went to IIS Manager - Application Pools and right clicked on each Application Pool and clicked on Properties. I then clicked on the Identity tab and checked what username and password was being used forin the Configurable area. All were fine until I got to the SharePoint Central Administration v3 application pool properties. I was using a local account and never changed it. I switched it to a domain account - stopped the Application Pool and restarted it. Problem Solved! I can now resolve everyone.
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July 23rd, 2009 9:11pm

I had the same issue as hocuspocus2009, for whatever reason I couldn't resolve users on the domain who had not been previously been added to the site collection. As it turned out, when I restored after a major failure, I had changed the permissions on the application pools. I was using a local admin account (non-domain account). As I tried a million different settings, it was the easiest one which fixed the problem (Changed the application pool Identity to run as local system). I'm rocking again after several days of extreme frustration.Thanks!
September 5th, 2009 3:23pm

Perfect! That was my exact same problem. Servers were updated and Sharepoint needed to be upgrade. The application pool for the Central Admin site was using a local account rather than a network account. It couldn't find the active directory service as a result. Thanks!
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October 15th, 2009 9:04pm

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