Action workflow fails to trig authorization workflow
I have two custom wf activities: 1) is triggered by a Action MPR when a specific attribute is modified on an object 2) is triggered by a Authorization MPR when a specific attribute is modified on the object. Activity 1 will when the attribute has a certain value do some logic logic apply it to the target object, and then change the attribute to a new value This triggers Activity 1 once more. This time will the activity update the attribute which is monitored by activity 2 Activity 2 is then reading a value from the target object and uses this to invoke the FIM ApprovalActivity when i run this scenario are all expected values changes to the ecpected and according to applied policies on the requests are all expected policies applied. But the ApprovalActivity is never called meaning that the attribute is just changed without approval. I have added logging to the constructor of activity 2 and it seems it is never called. However, if i from the FIM Portal manually changes the attribute monitored by activity 2, will then is the ApprovalActivity be triggered, and everything is working smoothly. Any ideas anybody ?
February 18th, 2010 6:39pm

An update from Nima Ganjeh "Let's make sure I understand the situation: there is a request submitted from an action workflow, and this request is supposed to trigger a MPR that runs an authorization workflow? If the above is correct, this is because a request submitted by a fim activity cannot trigger an authorization workflow. " So thats why !
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February 18th, 2010 7:13pm

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