ASMX reference in Custom web part
I have created a web part that consumes socialdataservice.asmx. For this I created a web reference to socialdataservice.asmx and creatd a proxy "socialservice". In the code; socialservice.SocialDataService proxy = new socialservice.SocialDataService(); proxy.PreAuthenticate = true; proxy.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials; socialservice.SocialTermDetail[] tagDetails = proxy.GetTagTermsOnUrl(webURL, 50); string[] users = new string[100]; This code is working fine in my DEV but when I moved this to QA - Its causing the following exception "Server was unable to process request" how to resolve this? Thanks
April 30th, 2012 6:30pm

You are using a SharePoint 2010 web service and are asking a question in the pre-SharePoint 2010 forum Please ask your question in the appropriate SharePoint 2010 forum : SharePoint 2010 - Using Visual Studio with SharePoint and other programming Other SharePoint 2010 forums: SharePoint 2010 - General Questions and Answers SharePoint 2010 - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation SharePoint 2010 - Using SharePoint Designer, Infopath, and other customization Van den Berghe
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May 1st, 2012 4:02am

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