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As Microsoft turns to the Metro paradigm for nearly all of their products, services and even websites, the flagship of Microsoft (Windows 7) remains in the Aero interface that was first made famous in Longhorn, then Windows Vista.

Luckily, for those users who wish a little bit of metro on their copy of Windows 7, it can be done by using the themes feature in Windows 7. I was curious about what programs out there that are making the switch, along with Microsoft, to the Metro user interface and I ran across this theme on TechSplurge.com which completely takes over your Windows desktop for a metro-inspired alternative. Here’s how:

  • Download the white or black version of the Metro theme here.
  • Follow the theme creators directions in the HowTo.txt accompanying the download:
  1. In the Extras folder there is another folder with a name “Uxtheme Patch”
  2. Enter the folder then right click and run as Administrator the “UniversalThemePatcher-x64″ or “UniversalThemePatcher-x86″
  3. Click on all 3 buttons with the name Patch from the Top to Bottom
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Go to the Theme folder and then
  6. Copy the 2 files in there and paste them to C:/Windows/Resources/Themes
  7. Double Click to the “Zune QuickPlay.theme” file and you’re now have the Sonye Theme of your computer.

Being a big fan of the Metro design language, I went through the process and applied the theme with a custom wallpaper. Here is what my desktop looks like with the theme applied:

Zune1 Turn Windows 7 Metro With This Theme

Zune2 Turn Windows 7 Metro With This Theme

In most cases, users either hate or love the Metro UI. There doesn’t seem to be many in-between. If you are one of the ones that can’t get enough Metro, then you can turn your desktop into a Metro desktop by using this theme.

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