Silent install of Office XP SP2

by Steve on January 9, 2006 · 0 comments

in Windows

We have had this really nasty bug with Office XP. Every time a user tries to print to specific printers the whole thing locks up. We originally thought it might be the printer driver. We tried all kinds of things to get these machines to work. Only to find out it was a bug in word – one that SP2 fixes. It fixes the problem – great – but we have over 100 machines to patch!

First, we downloaded the full version of the patch from here

Next we updated the login script that all of the users have to install the patch when they login. Yes we know we could push it via Group Policy – We opted not to.

We copied to one of our servers, and put it on a public share that these users could access.

Then we updated the login scripts to call the patch:

\\server1\office2003\sp2\2003SP2.exe /q > \\server1\office2003\sp1\%computername%.log

Then we just checked the \\server1\office2003\sp1 directory for the log files created by each computer – That way we knew if it was installed without error.

That is all there is too it!

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