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February 2016

Is Singularity Near?

February 29, 2016

 The 11th of December 2015, Open AI, a nonprofit artificial intelligence research company was announced to the world. With $ 1 billion in funding from high-profile investors, such as Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel, the company put forward an ambitious research agenda to keep artificial intelligence beneficial to humanity. Both the research agenda […]

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Inbox by Gmail: Saving time with Snooze

February 29, 2016

Posted by Michael Landry, Software Engineer Snoozing emails is great because it helps you focus on what you need to do now instead of what you can put off until later. Starting today, Snooze is getting a new look and two time-saving improvements — all based on your feedback. First, Snooze is getting two highly-requested […]

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If you haven’t got a question then Machine Learning is not the answer

February 28, 2016

I am in the middle of preparing for some more events the next big one being a day of machine learning (ML) at SQL Saturday Exeter.  The organisers asked me to make a short video to explain what I’ll be covering and that got me to thinking about what my advice would be having worked […]

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Cratering portable sales can’t prop up Nintendo anymore

February 27, 2016

No matter how its console business is doing, Nintendo has always been able to lean on healthy portable system sales to prop up its finances. With the Wii U continuing to severely underperform sales expectations, though, it looks like the Nintendo 3DS is failing to pick up the slack as its predecessors once did. Nintendo’s […]

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Nintendo Cuts Its Annual Profit Forecast In Half Following Sales Slump

February 26, 2016

 Nintendo has slashed its profit estimate for the financial year by more than 50 percent amid slowing sales and a strong yen. In an announcement today [PDF], the Japanese firm lowered its net profit forecast from 35 billion yen ($ 310 million) to 17 billion yen ($ 151 million). Read More TechCrunch

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Productivity at your fingertips with rich text formatting and instant RSVPs

February 25, 2016

Posted by Matthew Izatt, Product Manager These days, more than two-thirds of all Gmail users check email with their phones, so having a really amazing mobile experience is more important than ever. That’s why today, we’re introducing two new Android features to help you manage your inbox on the go: rich text formatting and instant […]

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The Intex Aqua Fish, a new Sailfish smartphone

February 23, 2016

The Aqua Fish is following Jolla’s “traditional” design which was found on the Jolla smartphone. The phone sports a namely modest but practically beastly (according to my testings), Quadcore 1.3Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 (don’t let the 200-series name fool you. We’ll get to that in a moment!), 2GB od DDR3 RAM, 16GB of expandable storage, […]

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Uber Says Kalamazoo Driver Had 4.73 Rating, Completed Over 100 Rides

February 22, 2016

 Uber is hosting a conference call regarding Uber driver Jason Dalton, who is suspected in the killing of six people in Kalamazoo, Michigan on Saturday night. The call, which includes Uber Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan, and Ed Davis and Margaret Richardson of Uber’s safety advisory board, has touched on background checks, the driver’s rating, feedback system […]

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* Implementing Mutexes in the QNX Neutrino Realtime OS *

February 20, 2016

A mutex is a common type of lock used to serialize concurrent access by multiple threads to shared resources. While support for POSIX mutexes in the QNX Neutrino Realtime OS dates back to the early days of the system, this area of the code has seen considerable changes in the last couple of years. Read […]

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Shine Signs First European Carriers To Its Network-Level Ad Blocking Tech

February 19, 2016

 The ad-blocking wars are stepping up a gear today as mobile network-level ad blocker startup Shine has announced it’s signed its first European carriers to roll out its tech. Read More TechCrunch

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