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August 2009

Burn DVDs and CDs from the command line

August 28, 2009

I was installing the Windows 2003 Resource Kit today, and I ran across these two command line programs that come with it: cdburn.exedvdburn.exe I started poking around, and I realized they both could be used to burn ISO files from the command line. For a test, I downloaded a random ISO from MSDN, and gave […]

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Windows 7 – The $admin share

August 19, 2009

I got my shiny new copy of Windows 7 today from MSDN. It became available to MSDN subscribers earlier this week. If you have access then give it a spin, there are some excellent improvements over Vista. I installed it today to test some of our software. One issue, that is also in Vista, is […]

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Dell Driver Download Manager – Fail

August 10, 2009

If you are looking to waste lots of your time I suggest you try to download drivers from the Dell website. I had a friend call me today. He just did a format / reinstall on his Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop and needed drivers. He said that every time he tried to download from Dell, […]

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Elevate the command prompt in Vista

August 5, 2009

To keep myself from breaking things, or minimize the damage done when I open one of those “Flying Hamster” videos that has a virus hidden in it, I don’t login to Windows as an administrator When I need to do something that requires admin access, I elevate that process by right clicking the program icon […]

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