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June 2009

Change the default open attachment location in Outlook

June 24, 2009

I recently received a question from a reader: Hi Steve, I recently read your article about changing the default save location for MS Outlook 2003 at It is very informative; however, it was almost what I was looking for. I would like to change the default OPEN location, so I was wondering if you […]

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Remote Control 4.0 Released

June 19, 2009

This is a quick one – The final version of Remote Control 4.0 has been released. Current customers with an upgrade protection license should receive their email within 24 hours. If you did not, please send an email to and we will take care of you as soon as possible. Here are the screenshots: […]

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Write a script to find and delete a file

June 17, 2009

I distributed a test version of Remote Control 4.0 across our network last week, and since it was a special debug version, it created a large number of files named debuglog.dat. I wanted an easy way to find and delete these using a batch file. I researched and was able to take parts of other […]

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Remote Control 4.0 Beta RC4 and USB Disabler Pro

June 15, 2009

RC4 has been released (More info about 4.0 can be found here). A few of you complained about performance issues when connecting to larger screens. This is because in 4.0 we fully refresh the screen for each update. This makes the resized window look smoother. Without the full refresh there are slight rounding errors that […]

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Waterproof Computer

June 13, 2009

I have been digging through my photos from Computex in Taipei, Taiwan. One of the coolest things I saw while I was there…a waterproof computer (Yes, I am a geek). Back in 2006 I wrote about a laptop that NEC was working on. This is the first time I actually got to see something like […]

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Remote Control Beta RC2 Released

June 5, 2009

I can’t thank everyone enough for their bug reports and suggestions. We have fixed every bug submitted, and implemented most of the feature requests. Keep sending them to or write a comment in this blog entry One of the ideas was to put the edit computer list right on the find form. Here is […]

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LED Cooling Fans

June 3, 2009

I got a chance to visit the Computex computer show in Taipei, Taiwan. I took some pics of the more interesting stuff I saw, and one of them was programmable cooling fans. These would be the cooling fans you put on the back of your computer, or inside to keep air moving. You can program […]

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Clean boot into Windows 2008, and Vista

June 1, 2009

I was troubleshooting a server yesterday and a came across an easy way to clean boot into Vista, or 2008. When I say clean boot I mean that Windows starts without any 3rd party services running. To do it, startup MSCONFIG, (Start then run…type msconfig.exe) Once it launches, move over to the services tab: Then […]

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