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February 2008

Forward email in Exchange

February 27, 2008

From time to time you will find that there are employees that receive time sensitive emails. This means if they are gone for a few days, and no one is around to answer…customers start to get testy. I know the easy answer to this problem is to setup a distribution group. Have this group send […]

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Keep track of your email in Exchange

February 19, 2008

I got a chance to try out GFI Mail archiver this week. The name does not do it justice. At first glance you would think it is a tool for backing up your email, but it does much more. A quick rundown of its features: 1. Keep a copy of every email on your Microsoft […]

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Vista SP1 now available on Technet

February 15, 2008

Earlier I had written that Vista SP1 was available on MSDN and Technet – I was wrong. I assumed this because Microsoft had released it to manufacturing. In the past this always meant that it was on MSDN right away. I didn’t notice this because the MSDN site was getting slammed by people downloading Windows […]

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Australia 2008 DST Updates

February 11, 2008

Looks like Australia has some new DST updates coming up. We have updated our Network Administrator, and free Daylight Saving Patch to include the changes. You can get them both from our download section Check out our Windows Admin Tools

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Cannot deserialize the Web Part – The fix

February 6, 2008

I started getting that message when I moved our internal SharePoint server from a physical machine to our VMWare server. We have made lots of customizations to Sharepoint – so when ever we touch the thing it creates headaches. We were getting this message for *all* web parts, so I knew it couldn’t be a […]

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Windows 2008 and Vista SP1 Released to Manufacturing

February 5, 2008

Well the day has finally come – Windows 2008, and Vista SP1 have been released to manufacturing. If you are a MSDN subscriber you can download both of them – if you can get in. Right now it looks like the MSDN servers are being crushed by the number of people trying to download: For […]

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Upgrade paths available for Windows Server 2008

February 4, 2008

Microsoft has announced the upgrade paths available for Windows Server 2008: If you are currently running: You can upgrade to: Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition (R2, Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2) Full Installation of Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition Full Installation of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (R2, […]

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Microsoft has lost it

February 1, 2008

Well we hear in the news today that Microsoft is trying to buy yahoo. This would be for a cool $44.6 Billion. 62% more than the current stock price. Obviously this is Microsoft’s desperate bid to out maneuver Google. I don’t think Google has anything to worry about. Lets look at the latest marketing campaign […]

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