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Introducing the LineageSDK for developers

March 23, 2018

LineageOS is an operating system for everyone: from the average user to the advanced developer. While users have a giant playground in their hands with many customization options, we also want to make LineageOS a fun place for developers. The standards for official builds help ensure developers that their app will not end up in […]

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Chromebooks are at the head of the class in Canada’s K-12 schools

March 22, 2018

Around the world, education has undergone a technological revolution. Cloud-connected devices and learning applications are shaping new ways of teaching and learning. Across Canada, school districts are using Chromebooks and G Suite for Education to expand learning opportunities for students from diverse communities and backgrounds. And now, Futuresource has reported that Chromebooks are the #1 […]

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Microsoft to force Mail links to open in Edge

March 19, 2018

For Windows Insiders in the Skip Ahead ring, we will begin testing a change where links clicked on within the Windows Mail app will open in Microsoft Edge, which provides the best, most secure and consistent experience on Windows 10 and across your devices. With built-in features for reading, note-taking, Cortana integration, and easy access […]

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Reflecting on a year’s worth of Chrome security improvements

March 17, 2018

In the next few weeks, you’ll probably be spending lots of time online buying gifts for your friends, family and “extended family” (your dog, duh). And as always, you want to do so securely. Picking the perfect present is hard enough; you shouldn’t have to worry about staying safe while you’re shopping. Security has always […]

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The Amiga Consciousness

March 16, 2018

There exists a global community, a loosely knit consciousness of individuals that crosses boundaries of language and artistic disciplines. It resides in both the online and physical space, its followers are dedicated, if not fervent. The object and to some extent, philosophy that unites these adherents, is a computer system called the Commodore Amiga. So […]

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Looking at Lumina Desktop 2.0

March 13, 2018

TrueOS, formerly PC-BSD, has a desktop environment called Lumina. It’s getting a big overhaul for Lumina 2.0, and this short interview gives some more details about what’s coming. With Lumina Desktop 2.0 we will finally achieve our long-term goal of turning Lumina into a complete, end-to-end management system for the graphical session and removing all […]

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A new year for Chrome video

March 12, 2018

Every day, people watch 30,000 years worth of video in Chrome. That’s a lot of video! Watch time grew significantly over the last year—not only because of viral YouTube hits, but also because of the creation of new video experiences around the world. For example, Jio Cinema and Forbes give people high-quality video without requiring […]

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Genode 18.02 introduces Sculpt OS

March 9, 2018

The just released version 18.02 of the Genode OS Framework features the first version of Sculpt, which is a Genode-based general-purpose operating system. To our knowledge, it is the first usable open-source general-purpose OS that facilitates capability-based security from the ground up. Being currently targeted at users that are close to the project, this initial […]

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All types of Chromebooks for all types of learners

March 7, 2018

Editor’s note: This week our Google for Education team will be joining thousands of educators at Bett in London. At our booth, C230, you can explore a range of Chromebooks, including devices that flip from laptop to tablet, integrate with a stylus and have world facing cameras. Follow along on The Keyword and Twitter for […]

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History of the browser user-agent string

March 6, 2018

In the beginning there was NCSA Mosaic, and Mosaic called itself NCSA_Mosaic/2.0 (Windows 3.1), and Mosaic displayed pictures along with text, and there was much rejoicing. I’ve always wondered why every user agent string starts with Mozilla, and now I know. Fun read, too. OSNews

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