New Windows Server 2016 Storage Video Series

by Guest Post on October 10, 2015

in Windows

Hi all, Ned here again. Our colleagues from the Microsoft “Customers, Architecture, and Technologies” team have started a new Windows Server 2016 storage technology video series. These are the folks who work with a small set of customers on pre-lease software. They are scenario focused and are very knowledgeable about what we’ve been building for the past two years.

Ryan Sokolowski – good Irish name, that – has kicked things off with five in depth videos on Storage QoS. He has Storage Replica vids coming soon, and a number of other hush-hush things in the pipe.

Here’s a taste. There are many more.

Storage QoS MultiInstance Policies (it rolls off the tongue)

Get on over there and see how Windows Server 2016 will change your life and business for the better.

  – Ned “has a Polish stepmother, so it’s all good” Pyle

The Storage Team at Microsoft – File Cabinet Blog

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