But most exciting, to me at least, is PocketCHIP will ship with PICO-8 preinstalled. If you’ve never heard of PICO-8, you have a bunch of weird little video games to catch up on. Basically it’s a “fantasy console” that runs in a browser or on a desktop, but has resource limitations akin to a Game Boy Color. What’s even better is PICO-8 has built-in tools for building your own game – complete with code, sprite, and sound editors – and every game someone else makes can be opened up and tweaked. PocketCHIP will include a browser for the hundreds of published PICO-8 games, turning it into an out-of-the-box handheld console.

So this thing completely passed by my radar, and it’s actually kind of amazing. The PocketCHIP is a CHIP in a Game Boy-like case, and comes with the aforementioned PICO-8 environment preinstalled. I immediately ordered one today, and I can’t wait for it to arrive come June.

This is a ton of value for what you’re getting, and the built-in coding ability, while not useful to me – since I can’t program – should be a huge boon for many people here on OSNews. The device’s QWERTY keyboard means you can code right on the device itself.

All in all, incredibly neat.

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