New FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report published

by Guest Post on February 7, 2016

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The latest FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report is out.

Efforts to bring our BSD high standards to new architectures continue, with impressive work on arm64 leading to its promotion to Tier-2 status and a flurry of work bringing up the new RISC-V hardware architecture. Software architecture is also under active development, including system startup and service management. A handful of potential init system replacements are mentioned in this report: launchd, relaunchd, and nosh. Architectural changes originating both from academic research (multipath TCP) and from the realities of industry (sendfile(2) improvements) are also under way. It is heartening to see how FreeBSD provides a welcoming platform for contributions from both research and industry.

Everything you need to know to be up to date with FreeBSD.

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Nintendo Hits Snooze On Plan To Introduce A Sleep Tracking Device

February 5, 2016

 Back in October 2014, went off on a health tangent Nintendo announced plans to develop a sleep and fatigue tacking app that would customer improve their slumber time. Nothing much had been heard about the project since, until yesterday, that is, when the Japanese games giant confirmed it had been put to sleep indefinitely. Read […]

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When we talk about laptops still being popular and important, we tend to talk about things like the precision of the mouse and the power and flexibility of a desktop operating system. We talk about all the things they can do better than a phone or a tablet. We talk about more. But it’s worth […]

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As Primary Season Opens, OpenText Releases Election News Tracking Tool

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NayuOS is an ongoing project at Nexedi: We are mainly using Chromebooks for our daily development work and wanted to have more customizable, secure and privacy-compliant devices – not running any proprietary software, because we love Free Software. A few experiments later NayuOS – our free alternative to Chrome OS – was born. NayuOS is […]

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New year, new Chrome

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Update Rollup 9 for System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager is now available

January 29, 2016

Update Rollup 9 for System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager (DPM 2012 R2 UR9) is now available to download. The KB article below describes the issues that are fixed and also contains the installation instructions for this update. Please note that this update does not require a restart of the production server if you […]

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The App Ecosystem’s New Status Quo

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 Americans spent more time using smartphone and tablet applications in 2014 than they did mobile and desktop web combined. With nearly four billion smartphones projected to be in use by 2020, the platform shift to mobile is well underway. Read More TechCrunch

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The 2015 Panic report

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Panic, one of the most respected OS X/iOS developer houses, published their yearly report, this time covering 2015, obviously. This paragraph is intriguing: iOS Revenue. I brought this up last year and we still haven’t licked it. We had a change of heart – well, an experimental change of heart – and reduced the price […]

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